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AiQ is our proprietary technology that provides modular, API-based analytics services for developers to rapidly build data solutions for successful, real-time business outcomes. It is behind every trade, every insight, and every decision we make.

Combining AI with
human ingenuity

We are a global team of data scientists, engineers, marketers, media professionals and traders

Sophie Armitage
Senior Solutions Engineer, US

Responsible for translating clients’ commercial challenges into cutting edge business intelligence and technical solutions.

Amandeep Chhabra
Data Scientist, India

A hybrid between a mathematician, computer scientist and domain expert. Drives outcome-based solutions through advanced analytics.

Nick Hill
Group Trader Director, UK

Uses data, analytics, and human intelligence to action insights that outperform clients’ media KPIs.


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Insights from day zero

We connect integrated MiQ data with advertiser data to give granular insights before a single media dollar is spent.

We provide advertiser and business insights that will shape your business.


The industry’s only programmatic-first insight & planning tool

Gain deep understanding of your audience by discovering who they are, where to find them, their likes/dislikes, and the best time to market to them.

Act faster across multiple channels and touchpoints, leveraging fresh insights.

React with relevance by responding to your audiences' key moments.

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