Case study

Get Your Fix

How a famous coffee brand got more customers through its doors with MiQ Time and Place.


A prominent coffee retailer wanted to increase footfall at all of its locations. They came to MiQ so we could connect online and offline data to build a more complete picture of their customers, and then target them at just the right time with the right message to drive in-store visits.


We needed to look beyond standard media KPIs and gain a deeper understanding of everything that influenced the brand’s customers. To do that we:

  • Conducted a store visitation analysis to work out which locations were most ‘valuable’
  • Looked at offline customer journeys to work out where they were before and after visiting the store
  • Added in macro data about the weather, social media, broadcast media etc to find out what external factors influenced purchases
  • And we did a competitor density analysis to work out the effect of the competition in different regions.


Based on what we discovered, the coffee brand was able to create messaging that was more influential and use it to target consumers who were more likely to convert at just the right time. Through our Time and Place products we were able to:

  • Reduce the cost of driving new customers in-store by 54%
  • Uncover brand new audiences and product categories
  • Drive repeat visitors and increase positive brand sentiment
  • Help the brand form bespoke regional strategies